• CLIENT: Huawei Shenzen
  • ROLE: Creative Director
  • AGENCY: Anomaly Berlin



The new Huawei P20 is a revolution powered by the powerful Kirin AI chip and featuring the best camera on the market, the P20 will usher in a new era of creativity and connectivity. It will dissolve the space between technology and humanity, enabling the device to become a seamless extension of us, expanding the possibilities of what we can do. Like all the most magnificent things in the world, the new Huawei P20 is deeply complex but resolved in a way that is effortlessly simple. This is how we crafted every frame of this film. It's meticulously choreographed with balletic camera moves, luscious colors, alluring light, and mesmerizing music. Every layer fits perfectly together. The Huawei P20 itself will act as a magical mirror, transitioning between humanity and technology… seamlessly carrying us through the journey of its own creation.