W+K Facebook

  • Client: Facebook
  • Role: Art-Director
  • Agency: Wieden + Kennedy



‘Make Facebook Your Facebook’, is an integrated campaign for the German market and evolution of the brand’s communications which first launched last year.

The campaign began with Facebook asking Germans to share their real thoughts and questions about the platform through a series of print, OOH, and online videos, which had the call to action: ‘You Ask. We Answer.’ During this phase, the brand received hundreds of responses.

In a global first for the brand, Facebook opened the doors to their Berlin office where their employees took on the task of answering these questions by sending out personalised video responses. These honest responses to some of the tough questions out there, enabled the brand to have an upfront and honest conversation with Germany.

In addition to the Q&A, four films aired on national TV to responded to real misconceptions from real Germans about the brand and shed light on the different features the platform has to offer.

The campaign continued to demonstrate how Germans can use the platform and make Facebook their Facebook.

As a German I can feel this.